10/2/18 – NCLA Civil Service Town Hall Meeting Report

Last night, 10/2/18, NCLA held a Civil Service Town Hall Meeting at the Garden City Public Library.

At the meeting, NCLA provided to members the information so far ascertained by the MLD-NCLA Joint Civil Service Committee. This information was reported to members via a PowerPoint; I have converted the PowerPoint to a PDF for members to view here:

NCLA Civil Service PowerPoint from October 2, 2018 Meeting

The questions raised by members during the Q&A portion that NCLA and the MLD-NCLA Joint Civil Service Committee will pursue are as follows:

  • Do continuing education credits count towards NY State Exam rankings or contribute towards promotional exam scoring? Are they a prerequisite?
  • If you accept a job and do not like that job, will you be removed from the list?
  • What will the make-up of the Nassau County exam be? Will it be a training and experience exam? Will it be multiple choice?
  • Would we consider changing the meeting time of these Town Hall meetings or have these meetings live-streamed?
  • Have we notified library schools to make them aware of this change?
  • We clearly need more information about how these changes impact Librarian Trainees. Can Civil Service detail the career path for these new professionals? Will they experience a gap of time between when they graduate (and can no longer be employed as a Trainee) and when they can take a Librarian I exam? Will being unemployed for periods as long as a year or two a possible reality?
  • When you are given your score and the language on the document says “we are guaranteeing you to be on this list for two years,” is that language still legally binding?
  • Can the Emerging Librarians Committee (or an NCLA Rep) visit the Career Days at Queens, St. Johns, CW Post to better inform Graduate Students?

At this time, we do not have answers to the above questions, but the MLD-NCLA Joint Civil Service Committee will continue to gather information and, as they are able to confirm accurate answers with Civil Service, share them with NCLA membership. NCLA will also look into ways to better communicate this information to NCLA membership, particularly to Long Island library schools and library students.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know by contacting me via email at laurag@gardencitypl.org or via phone at 516-742-8405 x242.

Thank you very much to all those who attended last night for their patience and understanding. Thanks also to Ken Bellafiore, MaryAnn Tweedy, James Hutter, Trina Reed, and Valerie Acklin who attended the meeting and helped to answer questions from members to the best of their abilities. Lastly, thanks very much to the members of MLD and the NCLA executive boards as well as to the MLD-NCLA Joint Civil Service Committee for their continuous efforts and hard work into doing what they can to learn more about these sudden and recent changes to Civil Service and to provide accurate information to NCLA membership.

Laura Giunta
NCLA President