Petition: Support #eBooksforAll

As many of you are aware, on November 1, 2019, Macmillan Publishing will begin to restrict libraries’ ability to license their new ebook titles to one copy per consortium for the first eight weeks after the title’s digital street date.  This means that Nassau Digital Doorway will only be able to provide a single copy of each title to serve the over 1,000,000 residents in our county. Additionally, Advantage libraries will not be able to purchase any copies for themselves during that same time period.

The NLS Board recently resolved to support fair access to digital content (see attachment) and so NLS and the MLD OverDrive Advisory Committee are currently working on a course of action for Nassau Digital Doorway. For the time being, ALA has created a petition encouraging readers to voice their opposition to Macmillan’s new purchasing policy.

We recommend that library staff members sign the petition (available here: and encourage members of the public to do the same by sharing it with their communities on any appropriate platforms (e.g. social media).  Public awareness of this digital equity issue is critical for the future of fair access to ebooks.