10-10-19 – NCLA Civil Service Update

(Please refer to the previous Town Hall meeting reports –  December 12, 2018, October 2, 2018, and June 20, 2019.)

Hi everyone,

On behalf of the NCLA Civil Service Committee, I would like to share some updates with our membership.

As many of you know, there have been notable changes taking place at Civil Service that have impacted our profession over the last few years — and not all of them have been for the better. The NCLA Civil Service Committee, working closely with our counterparts from MLD, have been meeting with the Executive Director of Civil Service to make our issues known. These meetings have been productive, frank, and ongoing, with our next meeting with Civil Service planned for Spring.

We’ve made progress in some areas, such as preserving the Librarian I exam as an open competitive, continuous recruitment exam. This was critical. Yet, we’ve also seen Civil Service make career advancement (and even entry-level job placement) more difficult through recent bureaucratic decisions. This is not acceptable to us.

Attached are our notes from our last Civil Service meeting with their staff, a list of questions that our group raised, and (several weeks later) Civil Service’s responses.

Some notable highlights:

  • We are working with Civil Service to allow canvas via email – speeding things up for applicants, libraries, and Civil Service.
  • A new Clerical title is in the works.
  • We are pushing for exact dates for the Librarian II Exam and the need to keep this title/exam as open competitive.
  • Civil Service (and MLD/NCLA) has expressed an interest in hosting some type of forum/presentation to explain the scoring of Librarian exams, promotional exams, and how canvassing works.

Thank you to our NCLA Civil Service Committee’s work, the MLD/NCLA Ad-Hoc Committee’s work, and for our member feedback — all of which help us to move this process forward. Many thanks to the Library Staff of Color Committee and the Emerging Librarian’s Committee for also keeping Civil Service concerns at the forefront.

Our NCLA Civil Service Committee will be meeting again on Friday, March 6th, 9:15 am at NLS. This is an open meeting. As is always the case, questions or concerns about Civil Service can be sent directly to me (off-list) and the Committee will review/respond/advise. Your feedback is appreciated!

Thank you,
James Hutter
2020 NCLA President