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Health Services Committee Mission Statement

Health Services Committee

The Health Services Committee of NCLA believes that quality information is the key concept to improved health. The HS Committee of NCLA aims to promote excellence in the professional practice of health sciences information among librarians by enhancing the quality of healthcare information and health education.

Health Services Committee of NCLA will strive to:

  • Enhance and expand the health knowledge and searching skills of librarians by different means including programs and resources via NCLA website
  • Advocate new directions and roles for the profession that respond to changing health needs in society
  • Improve the public’s awareness of “access to, and use of quality health information” via reliable online resources

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Opioid Resources for Libraries

To combat the continuing rise in opioid related deaths in New York State, laws were recently amended to allow New York State’s public libraries to administer opioid antagonists (naloxone) in library facilities by partnering with a New York State Department of Health Registered Opioid Overdose Prevention Program operated by another organization.

As part of a coordinated statewide effort, the New York State Library, the State Education Department, the State Department of Health, the New York Library Association, the Public Library System Directors Organization, and the Harm Reduction Coalition collaborated to create Guidance for Implementing Opioid Overdose Prevention Measures in Public Libraries to help all New York State libraries implement their own opioid overdose prevention programs.

Combatting the Opioid Epidemic: New York Libraries Save Lives

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